Anurradha Prasad is a name that needs no introduction in the media industry today. From her humble start to her present day success, she stands as a dynamic personality who exemplifies that believing in oneself can fulfil any aspiration and realize the seemingly most distant and far fetched dream.

After completing a Master’s degree in Political Science from Delhi University Anurradha Prasad ventured into the media industry with an assignment in the popular business magazine, Money Matters. Having discovered a flair for media and journalism here, Anurradha went on to working in many different positions in the industry, writing, producing and working both behind the scenes as well as in front of the camera. As she worked relentlessly on various projects, an urge to create television programs that she so strongly believed in grew within her. The year 1993, saw Anurradha creating the means to realize her dreams. That year, she launched B.A.G Films & Media Ltd (then known as B.A.G Films Ltd), her own production house that would lead her to become an ambassador for creating quality content for media at large.

With an investment of Rupees forty thousand only and a two bedroom apartment in New Delhi to commence operations, it was a modest beginning for B.A.G Films & Media ltd. The going was tough but Anurradha continued to work, conceptualizing, devising and executing programmes never compromising on their quality or content. Her determination paid off with the company bagging prestigious projects with valued clients. Anurradha grabbed the opportunity and proved her mettle with super hit programmes like Poll Khol, Red Alert and Sansani on Star News, Kumkum and Khullja Sim-Sim on Star Plus, Sidhhant on Star One, Har Dil Jo Love Karega on Zoom, Rozana and Khabrein Bollywood Ki on Doordarshan.

Then onwards there was no looking back. Anurradha launched her own umbrella brand Broadcast 24 under which she would launch channels and create content of the highest quality for audiences. First to come alive under the brand was ‘News 24’; a 24-hour News channel that gained impressive viewership across India in weeks of it coming on air. A 24-hour entertainment channel E 24 was then launched. Under the brand is also broadcast Dhamaal 24- a 24-hour radio network on air now at 10 stations across the country. With a web network called B.A.G Convergence, Dhamaal 24, News 24, E 24,  Anurradha has led B.A.G Films & Media Ltd to become a 360 media company associated with quality content dissemination across media and networks. 

For her immense contribution to Indian Television, Anurradha has won accolades and awards over the years. She is a member of CII and FICCI Entertainment Committee. She is on the board of Uttaranchal Film Development Council, and is an executive member of Film Producers Guild of India In a journey spanning close to two decades, Anurradha has come to be one of the most influential people in the Indian entertainment industry today. Today she dreams of her company to become a brand that offers quality entertainment and media content across genres and becomes a force to reckon with internationally.

With her dream run and success in the media industry, it is Anurradha’s humane and personal side that has won her the appreciation and admiration of her colleagues, competitors and employees. Her accessibility and her interest in every aspect of the workings of B.A.G Films & Media Ltd, is a factor that motivates and propels all and one working at the firm to work to the achieve the best for the company. Her commitment and sincerity is inspirational and admirable for all. Anurradha leads from the front but never fails to lend support to those who aspire to make their mark in the media industry. The International School of Media and Entertainment Studies (iSOMEs), a school that is dedicated to teach and train aspiring media professionals in the country is Anurradha’s attempt to encourage young talent in media and to train them to excel in the field she has dedicated a lifetime to.

At home, Anurradha is a simple person who loves to spend time with her family and loved ones. Reading and listening to old Hindi film songs is her idea of relaxation. She enjoys organizing dos at her home in New Delhi and holidaying with her husband Mr. Rajeev Shukla in any part of the world.

For her professional colleagues, Anurradha is a stalwart whose commitment and hard work is exemplary and inspirational. And for those who know her personally, she is an achiever whose humility and generosity wins hearts and inspires them to grow only more responsible and humble with success.